AFGACF | Aid For Girls And Children Foundation


In Ghana, we work in rural communities building up schools, libraries, water facilities and sponsor underprivileged girls and children's education. We assist them with resources to create lasting positive change in their communities. Become a Child Sponsor by Donating any amount towards a Needy Child's Education.

Donation through PayPal is secured. Your Monthly Giving enables you to support AFGACF all year round. We accept Cash and Material Donations from Individuals, Athletes, Family, Groups, Institutions, Churches, as well as anyone; who is interested in assisting the Foundation. Leverage The Power Of Social Media. Show your Support: Like/Share/Engage With Us

”Being recognized as one of West Africa’s Youngest Emerging Leaders is an honor; but we must all take drastic actions to ensure positive social change in addressing the needs of minority groups. As global citizens, it is our duty, to provide a pathway to opportunities for them when society doesn’t offer it.” Kebeh Teta Zubah. Be A Powerful Force for Good. Make a Differnce In The World!

"Whoever you are, no matter how much or how little you have to share, making the decision to give regularly to others daily, weekly or monthly, will enrich your life and change the lives of the people around you". Brad Formsma