Current and Past Programs


I. Rural Scholarship Program

II. Vocational Training

III. Rural Community Infrastructure Development

IV. Micro-Finance Assistance

V. Trainings and Development

VI. Social Support Assistance

VII. Livelihood Activities ( Sports, Food & Health)


a) To build the capacity of needy girls and women through vocational training skills for self-reliance.

b) To provide free counseling for women and girls in rural communities.

c) To train and build the capacity of women and girls in rural communities for sustainable development.

d) To reduce the high dependency rates of women and girls in rural communities through income generating activities by assisting them with start-up capital.

e) To address social problems women and girls are confronted with in rural communities and create a more humane environment for them.

f) To educate community leaders and inhabitants on the importance of education.

g) To promote women and girls participation in leadership at the community and national levels.

h) To provide mentors for women and girls in rural communities.


Lilian David Hadijat

Championing Advocate, Women for Liberty Africa

My visit to the Aid For Girls and Children Foundation was not just a great experience for me but also an inspiration to do more for my society and Africa at large.. An organisation so passionate about the welfare of girls and children in deprived communities, with an unshakable determination to transform lives and radiate hope for a better future. AFGACF's dedication to promote and continue the education and self confidence of growing girls and their teaching against some social vices that could pose as a threat to the future of these children is second to none... It's good that some passionate individuals will not leave any gap for the long awaited/ expected societal change... Well done AFGACF!!!

Mrs. Sano Daniel


I am very proud of AFGACF'S work in Ghana. They assist poor girls and children in rural communities educationally. Thank you AFGACF for such great work! Your work reminds us all to care a little more and remember the less- privileged.


# Name Of Programs Number Of Communities Program Estimated Cost For Six Months
1 Rural Scholarship Program Two (2) $10,000 USD
2 Vocational Training Three (3) $31,000 USD
3 Rural Community Infrastructure Development One (1) $45,000 USD
4 Micro-Finance Assistance Three (3) $30,000 USD
5 Trainings And Development Four (4) $10,000 USD
6 Social Support Assistance Five (5) $6,000 USD
7 Livelihood Activities (Sports, Food And Health) Three (3) $24,000 USD